Gesangsunterricht Stuttgart

Coaching in Person

The lessons are individually adapted to each student and their needs. Your entire potential will be developed and consolidated.
One of the goals is to create a healthy balance in your voice. Singing without effort from the deepest to the highest tone, without audible transitions or breaks.
With this base you can effortlessly go to extremes such as belting without straining your voice.
Depending on the objectives, needs and level of learning, the lessons will include the following modules:

✩ Voice training and change of registers (chest voice, head voice, mix voice)

✩ Breathing

✩ Voice care (How to care for my instrument?)

✩ Intonation (How do I learn to hit the notes cleanly?)

✩ Bodywork (presence and basic work)

✩ Relaxation/Mental Training

✩ Performance training

✩ Interpretation/Phrasing (How to sing a song?)

✩ Aural training (a particularly important component for good intonation)

✩ Rhythm

✩ Improvisation

✩ Style development

✩ Music theory

✩ Development of a repertoire

✩ Assistance with songwriting (developing your own songs)

✩ Preparation for studio recordings or live performances and much more

Lessons are offered to children, adults, beginners and professionals of all ages.All appointments are one-to-one sessions with Vanessa.