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Singing and working with and on my voice is my greatest passion. Sharing this with other people gives me special pleasure. The moments in which the students notice their own development are priceless to me and always very special. No other instrument is as close to us as your own voice and that is why it is so personal. For this reason, working individually with each one of you is very important to me.

I am glad that you have landed here and I wish you a lot of fun while browsing. On www.vanessa-tuna.com you’ll find more informations about me as an artist.


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Lauren Manz | Wien

Lauren Manz | Wien More than a singing teacher

Vanessa has the ability to detect discrepancies very quickly and always has a solution at hand. In the past, I was often told that I had a voice in the contralto vocal range, but I always wanted to be able to sing higher. Already in the first hour, she gave me courage and assured me that I could learn to reach the higher altitudes. What can I say? It has indeed happened, my vocal range has widened considerably and today I sing what I always wanted to sing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Reiner Kautt | Esslingen

Reiner Kautt | Esslingen I am thrilled!

I am enthusiastic about the style of teaching and the fast learning successes made possible by it. When I have a problem, Vanessa listens carefully, provides me with a specific tip, which enables me to overcome this obstacle. She creates a friendly and cheerful atmosphere. Her internationally collected background knowledge and her explanations help me understand the processes in a holistic way. She not only offers lessons but also really modern voice coaching! Vanessa helps me advance professionally and develop myself as an artist. I wish that everyone had the chance to attend her lessons, which I can recommend without reservation!

Lydia Prugger | Füssen

Lydia Prugger | Füssen Vanessa addresses individual needs

I have been taking singing lessons with Vanessa since 2016. At the beginning in Stuttgart, however, I had to switch to online singing lessons for professional reasons, and this proved to be surprisingly good. I have made significant progress during this time. What I particularly appreciate is that Vanessa takes an individual approach to meeting my needs.


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